We are a non-denominational Bible-believing church within the fellowship of the Restoration Movement that believes the Bible is the Word of God and that Jesus is God’s Son who died on the cross as a sacrificial substitute for our sins. We believe that Jesus died for everyone and that God wants everyone to be saved. But, we also believe the Bible when it says that Jesus is the only way to heaven.

When people in the Bible became Christians they believed that Jesus was their Savior, they repented (simply, they were sorry for living a sinful life and pledged to live a life pleasing to God), they publicly stated their desire to accept and follow Jesus and they were immersed into Christ through baptism for the forgiveness of sins and to receive the indwelling presence of God’s Holy Spirit.

If you are interested in becoming a Christian or a part of our congregation, our ministers would love to talk with you. You may indicate your desire on the attendance registration pad, speak to one of them on Sunday or call the church office (812-246-4383) during the week. Or you may come forward at the invitation hymn during worship.

We offer the Lord’s Supper every Sunday during worship. Anyone who has accepted Jesus as their Savior may participate. We pass just one tray that has the wafer in the bottom cup and the juice in the top cup. After you are finished, you may discard the used cups in the book rack of the seat in front of you.


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